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Everything you need to know about growing and utilizing Florida Cranberry

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Celebrate being part of an expanding network of growers, grocers, artisan bakers, craft beer brewers, chefs, and the like.  Membership is available to Growers (commerical farmers, small farmers, and gardeners), Artisan Food Makers, Nurserymen, and anyone passionate about utilizing the Florida Cranberry.


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  • Annual Fall Tasting meetings in Central Florida for members to network with other growers and producers and share growing teachniques and product innovation

  • Support your collective vision to raise awareness and develop a market for the Florida Cranberry

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We host free Summer Planting and Fall Tasting networking events for Florida Cranberry Alliance members and friends in Lakeland, Florida. 




The Fall Tasting meeting is an excellent opportunity to share your handcrafted Florida Cranberry creations, along with recipes, product development, fruit preservation and growing techniques. We will also touch on harvest and storage practices and marketing opportunities.

Lots of Florida Cranberry inspired edible (and non-edible!) goodness will be available and we encourage members to bring their own creations to share.

The Florida Cranberry, also known as Roselle or Jamaican sorrel, is the unique culinary super fruit of Hibiscus sabdariffa.
This drought-tolerant subtropical plant offers a myriad of culinary and aesthetic uses: leaves and flower calyces can be eaten fresh, dehydrated for teas and fruit leather, distilled, fermented into beer and wine, made into juices or syrups, or used in floral arrangements.
Florida Cranberry is planted in the summer and the fruit is harvested between September and November.
We encourage folks of all varieties - from growers to grocers, craft beer makers to chefs, pastry chefs to florists - to introduce this fantastic fruit into your garden and kitchen.

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Seeing and hearing the excitement when someone tries Florida Cranberry fruit for the first time is always an awesome experience. So awesome, that we want to share that feeling as. much. as. possible!
We want to learn your Florida Cranberry story and share it with out friends through social media, FCA Newsletters, and the FCA Recipe Blog to inspire more folks to grow and enjoy this amazing super plant.
Let's make this Florida Cranberry season all about SHARING & GROWING!  Share your story, experience, growing techniques, recipes, photos, videos, products - all of it! 
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FCA Community Forum

The FCA Community Forum is the #1 place to share and discuss all things Florida Cranberry! Post recipes and preparation tips, pictures of your prize winning Florida Cranberry pies, growing information, your grandpas trade secret harvesting technique and more! Become a member and join the conversation today. 

The Florida Cranberry Alliance is a grassroots movement that aims to raise awareness and develop a market for the Florida Cranberry.  We believe Florida's super-fruit has great potential to be 100% naturally grown and sustainably harvested in Florida with less human intervention and environmental impact than the many crops currently grown in our region.

The Florida Cranberry Alliance Mission